Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Since changing the type of school I work at, I have learned some interesting things about the public school system in South Korea.  One of the most interesting is that not all public schools are exactly public.  My school is one of those.  The building is privately owned, which is one of the reasons it is so small.  I was just making conversation with Jinny, my co-teacher, about some of the politics of public school when she told me our school building was privately owned.  She speculated that the building was owned by the same company who built the giant apartment buildings behind the school, as a perk of living there.  There are some benefits for the school, too.  Everything is maintained buy the owner.  During the break walls were painted and many classrooms had their floors repaired.  The janitorial staff as well as the security guard are also provided.  The major downside is that the school can't be expanded, so slowly classrooms that were intended to serve a specific purpose, like the music room and next term the English classroom, are being converted to regular classrooms.  Music and English are still being taught, but we will take out lessons to them instead of them coming to us.

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