Sunday, April 4, 2010

big breakfast

so small E and Scottie made all the big breakfast, and it was so good. Then, not being one to skimp on calories, I made dinner. I love the red curry, and this time I made it all about the sauce, and less about the vegetables. It was more like a soup, and it was THE BEST THING EVER. I put rice in the bottom of the bowls and ladled the liquid (which had chicken and veg) over the top.

Curry Soup:
2 of the larger cans of coconut milk, I think they are about 20 ounces each.
May Ploy red curry paste-a couple tablespoons
Minced garlic-I used a heaping table spoon
fish sauce, maybe a tablespoon
1 15 ounce can (about) pineapple chunks in real pineapple juice
broth or stock
protein source-I like tofu but usually use chicken because of household preferences

pour 1 can coconut milk into soup pan, add the curry paste. I whisk it and keep adding paste until it's the correct color, but taste it as you go so it's what you like. Add fish sauce, and stir it up well. Add the other can of coconut milk, and taste it again to make sure there is enough curry paste in the sauce. Add garlic, an amount of broth (veg or chicken) equal to the amount of coconut milk- I filled the can twice with broth and dumped it in. Add the pineapple, juice and all. Add the veg. We had frozen costco stuff, so I put in 3 huge handfuls, but fresh I would use bell pepper and carrot, or zucchini, whatever is your favorite. Then add the protein, and if it's chicken make sure it's cooked through before serving. We had jasmin rice, so I put a half cup in the bowl and then added the soup on top. So good.

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