Monday, April 5, 2010

tragedy loves company

last night I watched a movie about the life of Edith Piaf called La Vie En Rose. It's a pretty tragic story about the life of a songbird. She lived with her grandmother in a brothel for several years, went blind as a child for several years (she did regain sight) traveled with er father in the circus, and then began singing on the street until she was discovered and began to sing in clubs. Her relationships were terrible. She was a knitter! And according to the movie, part of the reason she was doing drugs was because she wanted to continue knitting! The sweaters she wears in the movie as a child are wonderful. Her drug use ruins her. It's not a nice story, but I recommend the movie, the music and costuming are wonderful, and in the most flattering way, she reminds me of a woman around these parts I have bought wool from.

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