Thursday, August 20, 2009

rice cooker re-visited

when I bought the rice cooker in Seattle when I first returned from Japan, I had no idea how thankful I would be to have it. At the beach we have 2, one for each of us. Cohort's is big and fancy and a cool touch model, while mine is small and basic and burns the bottom layer of rice. We really use them a lot. They will boil water, and cohort uses that ability to cook noodles. We also can prepare things faster with two, and have made a lot of dishes containing rice. This is what we are having tonight.

Rice Fire Cookout
2 tofurky Italian sausages, sliced
1 small can Bushes vegetarian baked beans
1 cup spaghetti sauce
rice to serve over
red chili sauce if desired

cook rice in rice cooker. Brown sausages in second rice cooker. Add beans and heat through, add spaghetti sauce and heat to bubbling. Serve over rice.

I think it's funny how much we love this one because we don't really have to make anything, just stir is all together.

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