Tuesday, September 24, 2013

this is not a feel good story: there are creeps everywhere

I have lived here long enough that I should have seen a Burberry man by now.  Named for the type of knockoff coat they wear, they commonly hang out around girl's schools, which are more common here than in the States.  This guy was not a flasher, as many of them are.  He was 'hiding' in  the bushes touching himself.  I noticed him, and thought it was strange, but didn't really think past it.  My friend who was with me was a few steps behind, pushing her bicycle, and she got a more complete view.  She made a disgusted noise and I knew what he was up to.  It was the middle of the day and we were on our way to the subway station.  He followed us at a distance for about half a block before she went over to talk to him.  All she had to do was pull out her phone and threaten him with taking a picture and he shuffled off.

The differences between Korea and America are vast.  This is one of the kinds of social differences.  America has violent crime, and Korea has a bit, too, but it's my opinion that there is a lot of weird sex stuff that goes on here.  This would never be tolerated in the States but it's a right of passage here- for a girl to see a Burberry man.  I have even heard that it's good luck to see one on your way to an exam.

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