Tuesday, August 27, 2013

oh, hello!

I ran away from home for a while, but now I'm back, or I will try to be.

Welcome back to Korea, I said at the end of May.  I took a job at a public school in Incheon, South Korea, which is a suburb of Seoul as well as it's own city.  Incheon is where the main South Korean airport is, which is about an hour away by train from my part of town.

This job is a much better fit for me and I am happier here than I was working for the academy in Daejeon.  There is still plenty to frustrate me and make me shake my head in confusion, but this place makes more sense to me and I am thankful for that.

Let's talk about some of the highlights:

School lunch!  Now, I was really excited about this, REALLY excited, but I have cooled my jets a little as of late.  I pay about $25.00 a month, or rather the school deducts it from my pay, and I get school lunch.  It's a great deal and very convenient, and the meals are nice.  The problem is that they can be pretty rich, and it's all Korean, all the time.  It's just so easy!

The students!  It is nice to be the first stop instead of the last.  At my last institution, kids came after they had already been in school all day.  They were tired and hungry, always asking for food and falling asleep during my lessons.  Now when I see the students, though still sleepy, they are in better moods, they are not complaining of hunger, and they are not nodding off in class.

So there you have it, a tiny bit of what I have been up to.  If you stay tuned, you may find that I have written something else in a more timely manner.

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