Wednesday, August 28, 2013

home sweet so much nicer than the last apartment

Of course since I moved to a new city, I moved to a new apartment.  A fancy apartment.  An apartment with an downstairs AND and upstairs.  When I say fancy, I mean with a real shower enclosure and no mold. When I say upstairs I mean a 4.5 foot ceiling.  This place is tiny.  This place is mold free!  For now, let's just focus on the kitchen, because it is better than the last one, because it has a counter!

I am not a fan of the stove top, because it is rickety and the pan I have slides around and wants to slide right off.  If I had children I would replace it with something less slidey.  Just above the stove top is a pull out fan and light, it just slides right out and slides back when I'm not cooking anything.  There is also a fancy front load washer.  These are all the rage, but I do not love it.  It's not good for soaking anything, and if I forget something I can't just open it up to toss whatever in after the fact.  It does have a really great feature though: a timer.  I can put the clothes in in the morning, set the timer to start the whole thing going at 3 o'clock, and when I get home they are just done and ready to hang up.  I forgot to mention that the cutting board hung up behind the sink fits just in the sink to make even more counter space!


Bethany Grace Martin said...

Fiona wants to know if you can roast anything. I said, no. She also wondered about a dishwasher. Do you have a drying rack that fits on the little counter space?

Natalie said...

No oven, so no roasting. I haven't bought one again and I may not. No dishwasher but me! I don't have a drying rack because I don't want to store one, so I just lay out a towel on the counter. Most of the drying racks fit in the sink or on top of the burners!