Friday, September 21, 2012

so this is it

The countdown has begun, I leave the ROK in 5 days.  My boxes are nearly packed, my suitcase is in total disarray, all of my errands are done.  I went to the tax office, I went to the pension office, and tomorrow I will go to the post office.  On Saturday, I will have one last hurrah at the micro brewery with my friends, and a big fat chocolate cake that I made at the beginning of the week.  I started saying goodbye to my students, which has been less emotional than I prepared for, which I am thankful for.   Then, on Tuesday, after 20 hours of traveling, I will arrive in southern Mexico to attend a TESOL course.  I am tired, a bit stressed, and so looking forward to touching down in Chiapas de Corza, Mexico, and falling asleep.

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BDM said...

Fiona looking over my shoulder, "Dad, what are they doing on that blue part right there? (your "Make" banner)