Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I survived the typhoon. I filled up all the water containers. I had about $100.00 cash just in case. I took a shower the night before just in case the power and water were cut. I had a flashlight and candle. I had some extra food and a book. I got the message not to come into work. One of my expat friends told me to come over and hang out and wait and watch out the window. I quickly packed up my backpack and got on the bus, knowing I had just enough time before the storm landed to get to her apartment. AND THEN NOTING HAPPENED! I read and she made lunch and we just sat around, enjoying our day off. We stayed home because we thought it would be windy and pouring down rain. We watched the clouds out the window. She washed the dishes in case her water was cut. I filled up a bucket with water and put it in the bathroom in case we had to flush the toilet. We waited and waited! Finally is rained when we were watching a movie. We stood at the kitchen window and looked out and it was really beautiful, but not the full on rain I was expecting. No strong winds. I'm thankful to be safe, but a little sad I missed the show.

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