Thursday, June 14, 2012

Korean junk food binge, in moderation

I met with my 'diet' partner last night, and it's the final count down. She is doing a 21 day vegan diet, and after the 21 days she has plans to introduce some things and eliminate others. My plan is just as simple, a whole foods diet where I can eat something that's not whole on Sundays, I'm thinking something baked with white flour, that's my style. Today for lunch I had ddukboki with breaded fried vegetables. Ddukboki is rice cakes in a spicy red sauce- red from red pepper flakes. It was really good. It's junk food because the rice cakes have a lot of calories, as do the fried vegetables. I didn't even eat the whole portion. In the last few years, and especially in Korea, I realized that I don't have to eat everything put in front of me, I can enjoy a few bites and move on.

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