Friday, June 8, 2012

hand phone frustration

being a guest in another country has it's drawbacks. For me, not being able to speak Korean is a big one, though I honestly haven't put much effort into it. I can order food, I can give a cab driver directions, I can tell the kids to sit down and to stop touching me, but that's pretty much it. I can also barely read and write Korean, much to the delight of my students: that I am trying and that I can't do it, they enjoy both. Lately the biggest frustration is my hand phone. Last year my boss urged me to get a phone, and I did, because I knew it would be easier to just do what she asked. So another kind teacher, Sophia, tacked me onto her phone plan. She was an expat once herself, and she understands all my issues like not many other Koreans have. She has since moved on to a new job and has a family, and I feel bad for constantly needing her help with this phone, so I am going try my hand at getting a phone myself this weekend. It's like I'm growing up or something! Just today in searching I found that I can get a short term phone in Korea, which is perfect because I have just less than 3 months left here. I was thinking of going cold turkey, but it comes in handy when I am lost and trying to get together with friends and for translation help. (In Korea there is a free translation service, just call and you can reach a bilingual person to help you out of a tough spot, I used in last summer when I had to get re-fingerprinted for my visa.) So, if you find yourself in Korea and you need a short term phone, look here for some help.

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