Tuesday, December 13, 2011

to the doctor

I went to the doctor this morning and I'm glad I did because I am totally sick. I have a sinus infection as well as strep throat. It was pretty great and strange. They are not nearly as private about medical care here, in all the ways. When I went into the exam room the woman before me hadn't yet left and when they put me in the chair they called the next man in. The doctor spoke enough English, though if he hadn't spoken any it would have been okay. He didn't listen to my heart or check my blood pressure. He looked into my ears and blew some air into them. Then he put a tube up my nose while the nurse held my head and my hands sweated like crazy. Last he sprayed something into my mouth and looked at my throat. After that I was escorted to a nebulizer and breathed with that for 3 minutes before paying less than $3.00 and picking up the prescription that I took downstairs that was filed very quickly. There are antibiotics and pain relievers and a cough suppressant. And a gargle. I will ingest all of this stuff 3 times a day and on Thursday I will go back for a check-up and the rest of the medication. I feel really sleepy now, and my co-teacher said it could be the medication, but I think it's due to the last 2 nights of not great sleep. I had to do a special load of laundry this morning to wash the handkerchiefs because I used so many yesterday. I wish I had brought another to work today but they weren't dry yet.

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