Monday, December 12, 2011

sick day

taking a sick day is next to impossible for a person with a job like mine. We are supposed to arrange them 24 hours in advance. It's stupid. The advice I have been given it to just show up and go to your classes, and if anyone questions you and asks you why you are such a lousy teacher, tell them you are sick. So that's how I rolled today. I ended up being less terrible than I thought, and since we don't have a boss at all anymore, no one was watching cctv so I was pretty lax today. I went into work early so that someone could take me to the doctor, but they were in a meeting. If I still feel cruddy in the morning I'll walk over to the clinic that my co-worked who used to live in my neighborhood recommended. She told me that the doc will look me over and then write a prescription which I will be able to fill downstairs at the pharmacy. She said it would take maybe a half an hour at most. And, the pills come in little individual packets that they make up at the pharmacy. And it will all cost less than $10.00. Here's to hoping I don't have to go!

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