Saturday, December 10, 2011

the key to great lunches is a good shopping list. This last week I pre-made some food and had the meals all planned and it was great. This week is almost all planned out with simple yet awesome recipes. I bought the Just Bento cookbook a while back and have enjoyed flipping through it often, so a lot of this week's recipes are coming from there. So far I am planning on a South Asian chicken curry with curried bean nuggets, mini hamburgers and potato salad, and something with chicken breast. After I go tell my work that someone needs to come and FIX the heat, not just turn it on, I am going to go shopping at the fancy grocery store downtown and buy some spices. And some coffee. And then I am going to come home and knit and eat soup in my clean apartment, which has been super clean this week because of all the coming over and turning on of the heat.

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