Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm cold!

I got up early to wait around for by boss to come over and test my heat. I'm cold and he never came. I'm hoping that he will during his lunch break, because it's now the 8th of December. I really don't want to buy a space heater, but chances are this won't be fixed until the middle of next week and the temperatures are going to go way down over the weekend. 95% of the time living in an apartment provided by my employed has been really easy. I don't have to pay rent and someone can always help me fix whatever is broken because it's their responsibility and not mine. The other 5% of the time I have to do a lot of waiting whenever I want something fixed and I have to adhere to someone else's schedule, which means always having to wake up early when something needs fixing. (why don't they ever make the appointments for the late morning?) Anyway, when the heat is fixed, this house is going to be so cozy!

UPDATE: the big boss came over and turned it on. And it's still cold, so I turned it up. I should know in a couple of hours. He said I had set the dial incorrectly. I have set the dial 100 different ways, so part of me is certain it won't work and part of me hopes I was wrong and that he has the magic touch!

And now, after an emotionally messy day at work, I am going to sit on my heating pad, eat my dinner, and watch TV. I am going to feel so much better in about an hour.

UPDATE: the big boss came over again today to turn it back on. ( I keep turning it off because it's not working, and even though it's not working I can hear the water heater working, so it's burning fuel. I can't stand wasting it because I'm paying for it.) He told me it takes a long time to heat up, and in the past it has taken 3-4 hours, so after leaving it on for 10 I am frustrated. I am going to go over during Saturday school and try to bring someone back to the apartment with me. Bossy won't be there, but the secretary will and she knows that I've been hounding them. I ask you, why can't they just call the building and ask for maintenance to come and check?

UPDATE: VINDICATION! Showed up at work and showed a picture of my thermostat at 18c. Calls were made and the landlord greeted me at my door. AND brought me a heater. Someone else will be here in a few hours. I'm bummed because I didn't get to do my plans for today, but I'm so happy that this is being dealt with, because darn it, I am smart enough to operate my heating system!

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