Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Ka-ri-sta-mas-ah

Well, I survived Christmas with some help from Korean and expat friends. On Friday night I enjoyed a Christmas party with expats that went on into the morning. We even went to norabang (karaoke) to sing Christmas carols. It also magically started to snow, and I promptly fell down. HARD. Here it is Monday night and my arm still hurts. (My friend Debbie took this terrible picture. A few days later I think it's funny.)

I also had a fantastic Christmas hat that I actually was given last year but was more fun the second time around.

On Christmas Eve I didn't do much because my arm was pretty sore. I stayed bundled up in bed and made some nice food and I tried to buy my favorite delicious street food, brown sugar and cinnamon stuffed pancakes, but my pancake lady was gone when I finally went out at about 3:00 pm. I went home and didn't do much of anything, which was nice. On Sunday I met some Korean friends for knitting and dinner. We went out and had soup which was delicious, and it's so cold now that we were happy to be warmed up. After that we met another friend and went to a soju and hof joint for chicken and beer, which is a classic combination here. And then Christmas was over, and I was so happy because I felt great that I had had such a nice few days and glad that it was over so I could stop thinking about it.

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