Saturday, July 2, 2011


last night was another go out with the work people night. First stop was a soju hof, which is a bar that serves beer, soju (it's alcohol made from rice, sort of like the vodka of Korea, though not hard alcohol) and hof, which is food to eat while you drink. Chinese style sweet and sour pork is a staple and we also had a strange fruit plate that had not only fruit, but french fries and small pieces of fried meat. I wanted to have beer, because the alcohol content of the beer here is fairly low. But when the pitcher of beer came, one of the guys dumped a bottle of soju into it. I have gotten pretty good at not drinking a lot at these parties. I can get away with using my water glass when there is a toast ( there are many) and if my cup is full, no one wants to fill it. So after that our boss insisted we go to a nightclub. A nightclub is not the same here as is is at home. They have a thing called a club, which is very similar, but nightclub is not. So what is it? It's a place for men to meet women. The whole place is crawling with cctv cameras, and men can rent a private room and watch the cctv and pick women. Then a person in a uniform comes to get the girls and bring them back to the room. I guess our boss wanted us, who are all single but one, to meet men. Sadly we were a mixed group of men and women, so no one wanted to meet us. But we did get another fruit plate, and watched the strange and tacky stage show, and danced like maniacs.

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