Saturday, June 11, 2011

Today was lame

so in honor, a top 10 or so list of not lame things
*going to a huge stationary store tomorrow
*I finally figured the train rout to the nearest beach!
*pizza and beer for dinner
*drawing with students
*new sunglasses
*going for coffee tomorrow
*finding out there is such a thing as tracing paper here
*my co-worker referring the the art supply store as the fancy store
*my boss offering to renew my contract for another year
*English magazines on the train


bethany said...

and did you renew and ask for a raise?

Natalie said...

I asked for a raise, and he told me how much it would be for, and then told me he would have to ask his boss about it. So then they just have to draw up a new contract and it will be all set! Part of me really just wants to go back to America, but the other part knows that staying is good.