Thursday, June 2, 2011

today and tomorrow are the fist days of term, and so then are relatively relaxed. We give the kids their new books, make sure everyone's name is on their book, if we have new students we make sure we introduce ourselves. And then there are still 35 minutes! So today I told the kids about my upcoming trip. I told them I was going to make dosirak, which they were excited about. Then I asked them, what should I put in my case? (Case is their English translation for lunch box.) Oh man, by the time we were done, I needed an extra suitcase just for my lunch. And one class suggested I erect a tent, on the train, and bring a camp stove so I could have a hot meal! Another class devised a 3 tiered case with a 4 tiered thermos as well as a large cup for all my beverages. These are the days I enjoy, because we are not bound up by hard to understand books and audio recordings that are too fast. I'm interested to see what the middle school kids devise tomorrow!

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