Wednesday, April 27, 2011

student story

the students are eternally funny. There is a middle school girl called Christina, and how do I put it...she is super dense! And very very funny. She stopped by tonight as I was making myself a cup of tea. I always fill the cup up with hot water, dump out the water, and then make the tea in the warm cup so it stays hotter longer. Almost everything I say to Christina goes over her head, but we like to chat anyways, I think we both find the other amusing. She saw me do all of this and asked why and I told her it was because I like the cup to be hot.
"You are hot girl?" she says. I assume she is referring to the cup and I said sure, hot girl.
"You are sexy girl?!"

She made a joke, IN ENGLISH! An inappropriate joke, but a joke none the less!

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