Wednesday, April 27, 2011

do you want to watch tv?

I just remembered this, and it was so funny; maybe it will be funny to you, too. I don't remember a lot about my first few weeks in Korea. I was hot and sweaty and completely confused and jet lagged for DAYS. But I do remember one moment in the office: it must have been just after I got my green card and was finally able to get a few things done, like get internet, and Bruce Teacher asked me, out of no where, "Natalie, do you want to watch tv?" I'm sure I looked at him with a strange or surprised look, and it took me a second or 2 to reply, "Now?" He started laughing of course, he's a really good sport and likes a good laugh. He was asking me if I wanted tv included with my internet service. In Korea we are instructed to do things in a much more subtle way than in America. You should do this means do this. I get asked questions all the time and the answer is implied, so no one wants to know what I think, they are trying to give me instructions or get confirmation, and I thought that was what Bruce Teacher was doing, urging me to watch tv at that time.

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