Sunday, March 13, 2011

new shoes!

New shoes new shoes! I have been in the market for a while, and I was putting it off, I'm not sure why, because I knew exactly which ones I wanted. I was at one of the big supermarkets, and those big stores often have many other smaller stores inside, sort of like a mall. I walked in, and there they were, on sale! And there was only one pair of the colour I wanted, and the sales guy was so funny! He was very animated and he looked and looked for the shoes, but they were actually the display ones, and he was so surprised and happy that he found them, and then when I said I wanted to buy them he smiled so big and waved his hands around. Then he wrapped them up, super carefully and even gave me a coupon! I am anticipating needing at least 1 more pair of shoes before I come back to the USA, especially if I stay for the second year; hopefully it will be this fun.

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