Saturday, January 15, 2011

I did it!

I found the baking store. I got lost, but I found it, and it wasn't lost so much as it's Korea and sometimes I get confused. I wandered around, which was actually nice even though I did get pretty cold. In the end, it was not exactly where the map said it was, it was around the corner. I got a few things I really wanted: a serrated knife, what I think might be whole wheat flour, flaked coconut, Dutch process cocoa, and real parchment paper. I almost bought a square baking dish, but I decided to save that for later and I will use my pie plate until I do. Some other treasures I spied-thermometers, cookie cutters, all manner of bread and cake pans, pecans, food coloring, all sorts of sprinkles, a lot of various packaging, raisins, prunes, taco seasoning, pie fillings, several types of chocolate, knives, and flavorings, like orange and almond. It wasn't the end-all of baking stores, but it was a site for sore eyes!


bethany said...

How are the prices on these types of items? I guess compared to what you would pay at home, and even compared to other Korean items?

Natalie said...

food is more expensive than in the United States, and this type of specialty food is more expensive. Like the vanilla extract was in a tiny bottle, and pricey. A lot of this type of thing is imported, so it is expensive. Food has been so inexpensive in the United States for so long, but yes, it's more expensive here, especially specialty products. What's funny is that what's special here isn't special at home.