Friday, January 14, 2011


I have been bored. Not really, but sort of. I love my weekends of reading and tv and knitting and cooking, but I think I'm ready to venture out. So 3 of the things on my list: the baking store, the foot spa park, and a temple stay. I'm going to go to the baking store tomorrow. I hope that it will be open on a Saturday, because I know it's not open Sundays, so I hope it's open tomorrow. I can't get a good description, just that it's a baking store not open on Sundays! The foot spa is a naturally occurring hot spring, and there is a public park where you can sit on benches and put your feet into the hot water. It's available all the time, but I don't think I'll go tomorrow because it's too cold. The last thing is the temple stay, which I have been thinking about since before I got here. The idea is that anyone can stay in a Buddhist temple overnight, up to something like 3 weeks. I found one in a city close by, so getting there would be easy. This temple also offers a rest stay, so it's almost like a simple bed and breakfast. My friend and co-teacher, Sophia, has visited there as it is in her husband's hometown, and we talked about going for a day trip in the Spring. There is a big park and market and museum.

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