Monday, March 1, 2010

did it

I finished my first project in my knitting notebook. I read an article about keeping a sketchbook, and it was a metalsmithing professor who said that she doesn't require it of her students, but the ones that do keep a notebook and sketch their ideas before they begin work and during, produce better work on the whole. One thing I learned that I wrote a note to myself about is that when you make a garment, there is an anatomy to it. I was working on a hat, and I drew a picture of what I wanted it to look like, and how it's 'body' was going to serve the purpose I had in mind. Then I began to think about all the parts of the hat: the band, the body, and the crown, and how each of those parts could be constructed. In thinking about each part separately, instead of just knitting any old hat, I was really able to get what I wanted, and each part serves it's purpose better. In doing all of this, I took notes about all the things I know how to do as possible solutions, and I was glad to see I do know some stuff about garment construction. I'm going to keep working in the notebook, I feel like I'm writing a choose your own adventure story every time I lay out all the possibilities.

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