Sunday, February 28, 2010

what I learned in my 10 years of college

I didn't learn nearly enough about art history. I only took 3 classes, and while I enjoyed all three very much, I should have taken 10, or been an art history major, or something. So I am starting with American art history. I got some books at the library, and I am going to get to work this afternoon. I will also look at the history of photography, and Italian painting, since that is the foundation for western 2-d art, in my opinion. History of film would also be good, because that's a cultural reference, and it's important. Then there is African art history, and Indian and Asian. A new class is being taught at BSU this term, and since I graduated, well, I wasn't going back, but botanical art history. Had I not graduated, I would have taken that. So much to do!

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