Saturday, January 23, 2010

eight can be a lot

There are 8 of us living at House of Kafka. A lot must be done with 8 people. Mostly there is a lot of laundry, dishes, food, and bathing. It has taken me a little getting used to, but things are going well, and I'm not feeling overwhelmed like I was in the first few days. There is so much laundry! The oldest of the children Hannah, is the boss of folding it and putting it away, but she's not super at her job, as in getting her to do it is like pulling teeth. I do my own laundry. Thor, the next child, does the dishes. Jonas takes out the trash and sorts the recycling, and Sam manages the dining room table, and sets it, and clears it with Thor after meals. I love seeing all the kids work together, and it's great when they help each other out with the tasks.

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