Saturday, January 23, 2010

at the office

So I work now, in an office. I wear my fancy clothes-not jeans and t-shirts, real fancy! I sit behind a desk with a pile of work to do and my supervisor, David, checks in on me every couple of hours. I hope to have some David stories for you, as he is interesting and funny. Yesterday I brought my ipod and that was really great. What I do is sit at a desk and scan 4x5 pieces of film into the computer. My goal is to make an information rich scan. All of the film is black and white, and so I want to make neutral scans, all gray values, no true black or true white. These images can then be played with. All of the film in the box I am working on now is from the 1950s to the 1970s and it's all photographs of paintings, with some still lifes sprinkled in. Some of the imagery is awesome, and some of it is pretty campy., but overall it been fun seeing all this stuff.

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Robin said...

can i come sit at your feet like an office cat and have you tell me stories all day?