Sunday, January 24, 2010

the library is hard!

I wanted to go to the library, and I mentioned this last night, that this would be one of my tasks for today. One of the kids wanted to go, so in the end I took all 4 of them to the library. Everything was going fine until check out time. They have family library cards, which I didn't know about. They each have their own card, and they're all linked together. There is a lost book, so no one could use any of the cards. I wanted us to get all our things, so I used my card. At our library we can only check out 5 movies at a time, so that meant that we could each only get one. I told everyone to pick one, and then trouble began. Jonas put up both of his, and the librarian took away both of Thor's, and someone got kicked and someone got pushed. I really had no idea about what happened until we were out of the line and Thor told me he didn't end up with anything, which made me a little mad because he was the most excited to go. So we walked home, and poor Thor was crying the whole way. I told them we could have a snack and that we would have to talk about what happened. It's hard to know what to do! I decided that as a group the children would vote on which of the movies in question they could keep, and which one would get returned. Jonas ended up getting upset and crying and sitting under the table. I must admit that I was glad he got upset because he was being careless of his brother and Thor was so hurt by what happened. So in a bit Thor and I are going to go in the car to the library and return Jonas' movie and pick out another one.

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