Monday, July 2, 2012

day 15

the weekend was a total break from the whole foods plan. I went with 2 friends to the east coast of Korea for the weekend and had a really great time riding on a rail bike and visiting the Korean penis park. The rail bike is really fun. There are 2 and 4 person carriages that run along an old stretch of rail road tracks. We meandered through caves and a wooded area, and it was really fun and scenic. The reason it was so fantastic were the caves. The first cave was an homage to an Olympic athlete. He was a runner, but that's all we knew. The whole cave was decorated with cardboard cutouts of him running, sort of like he was running through the cave. The next caves played music and there were colored lights and it was really pretty and I was very excited! Some portions just had lights embedded into the walls, and one portion was more like a light show with music. It was magical.

next was the penis park. As far as I understand, the story is that a depressed virgin waded into the ocean and drowned. After, the fishermen were having a terrible time catching fish. A man waded into the sea with his pants down to show the virgin his penis, and she was so happy she made it possible for the fish to be caught again. So, as you can imagine, this park is dedicated to totems of penises. It was also at the edge of the ocean, and penises aside, it was just a beautiful beautiful place. There were several places to stop and look out over the blue blue ocean. It was just beautiful.

So, now back to the food plan. I ate a fair amount of white rice, because that's just what most meals include here. I need to hit up the grocery store tonight and make a menu for the week. For now, I'm going to make my coffee.

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