Wednesday, March 14, 2012

out and about

I've been eating dinner with friends often, spending a lot less time at home, and subsequently my little journal has been neglected. What I have to tell you today is just some funny kid stories.

Sometimes I wear my hair down to work, and at this stage in it's growth it's big and one kid described it as a lion's mane. A couple of weeks ago one of my friendly middle school students called Lucy said to me, "Teacher! Your hair is lady!" Yesterday, I had my hair in a bun and one of the older elementary school students asked, "Teacher, is your hair a wig?" "No..." I said and then I showed them that it was indeed my hair. They got excited and one said "It is so beautiful!"

I teach a class with three tiny boys, Benjamin, Terry, and Woo Jin. Benjamin speaks a lot of English, Terry plays around, and Woo Jin is alternately annoyed with Benjamin and then uses big English words. Terry had eaten a sucker and he still had the sucker stick in his mouth. It was one of those cardboard ones and it was sloppy and yucky and I asked him to go out and put it into the trash. Trash is not in his vocabulary yet, so I walked up to him and put my hand out and said 'joo say o" which is like give to me please. He leaned back into his chair and blew out a breath as if he was smoking a cigarette, and said excitedly, "Dad!"

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