Tuesday, December 20, 2011

talking to my co-workers about Kim Jong Il has been interesting. One of the teachers said with disgust that he died a fat pig comfortably on a train while others freeze to death. Another said she was uneasy about what the North would do, now. As an outsider I can't imagine any provocation because they need to deal with this death and get the propaganda machine in shape to publicize the heir. South Koreans seem to always be aware of the North and their unpredictable ways and it seems sometimes like paranoia, but the North is so unpredictable I can't blame them.

One thing I saw on the news was an English woman discussing her trip to NK several years ago. She thinks that the North Korean people have been told that Kim Jong Un is a reincarnation of his grandfather and has had cosmetic surgery to look even more like him.

I bought a newspaper today and when I get home I'm going to look at all the pictures. What a strange few days.

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