Saturday, December 3, 2011

getting it together

I don't know why, but periodically my lunch packing totally breaks down. This week it's teetering on the edge, and I'm working on getting it together this weekend by looking for inspiration and making a really good shopping list. (the options for buying lunch around work involve simple carbs and processed meats, and I hate myself every time I don't pack lunch and have to buy something so unhealthy) I think I'm also going to pick up a little thermos; I had two when I was in the U.S. that I used and loved during the winter months and the ones here come in a little kit with a bag and an extra little box for whatever other food. And, I have been realizing that I should be eating more. Sort of. I eat breakfast at home at around noon, then I go to school and I have my lunch break, sometimes not until 7:00, and I try to not eat until then because it's not lunch time, and then I turn into a hungry mess. So for this new term my goals are to pack adequate healthy food so when I get home from work I don't feel like I have to eat a pile of food before dinner is ready and to try out some new recipes in the process.

And as a happy bonus, I found this cookie recipe that I want to try sometime.

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