Saturday, September 24, 2011

great day in SK

such nice weather today! I ran around, got a haircut (!) and some gummy bears and a Caesar salad. For the past year I have been avoiding unnecessary extravagance, not eating in more expensive Western restaurants and not buying overpriced packaged food. And then it hit me, a little bout of culture shock relapse. I don't know if it's the new contract and the commitment to stay another year, or spending another birthday away, but I've been feeling a little strange. The value of the currency has dropped as well, which means the money I make is worth less, so I can't save as much, and that's got me feeling a little frustrated. I also need to stop reading so many sad books. But anyway, today was awesome. I got a much needed haircut; the last one was in February. I bought some yarn to keep my hands busy. And I bought food that made me feel happy. Tonight I'm going to make up some brioche and watch a movie while playing with the new yarn and starting a new project. Praise the Lord for really nice days.

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