Saturday, September 3, 2011


We are not allowed to speak Korean to our students in class. I don't speak Korean, so this is not a problem. Until today. I was explaining to 2 girls what I had eaten earlier in the day. There is no English equivalent, it's rice and tuna salad, in the shape of a triangle, covered in seaweed. I think in America we would call it onigiri, which is a Japanese word, and in Korean it's known as chamchi mayonnaise (pronounced may-o-nase-a) samka gimbap. I said it in Korean, because, as I said before, there's no English word or phrase. A mom called the school to complain that I had been speaking Korean. My boss calmly explained that I couldn't speak Korean, that there is no English equivalent to this food which is analogous to sandwiches in America. (Truth be told, the girls informed me of the proper way to say it all.) We had a good laugh as she chastised me and I promised to never do it again!

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