Sunday, June 12, 2011


well, I have decided to stay in South Korea for another year. It's not official official, but close enough. About 33% of me wants to just go back to America. There is another 33% of me that wants to keep going to work every day and collecting the paycheck, because I will be able to save a nice nest egg if I keep at this. 25% is about how much I really honestly do like going to work and hanging out with kids. 5% feels like now that I understand a good deal of what is usually happening, it would be a good idea to stay and face the next year knowing that. The other 4% is just sheer madness. I know it's only been 9 months and really that means 15 more months, but who's counting? So I've also been thinking about what I want to accomplish in these next 15 months. I want to see a bit more of Korea. I want to visit the beach at least a couple of times this summer, as well as continue to visit the art museums and other cities of interest. I am also going to start some sort of Korean snack food journal! Some people have expressed interest, so I will keep you posted on that venture. Also I have been trying to dedicate time each week to draw, something I wish I didn't have to work at but if I am ever going to improve, I must practice. I just need to figure out what drawing is for me, and then move in that direction.

And also, I am considering switching grocery stores. Let me start by saying that the grocery store ladies have been very kind and helpful, and I really have appreciated them. But. They also can be pushy and they sometimes hold onto my hand or arm, and it makes me a little crazy when they follow me around the store. I feel like I have to have a lot of energy when ever I go. There are several others in the neighborhood, though not as close. I guess I'm just weighing my options.

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