Thursday, June 16, 2011

tricky tricky

Cheating is completely normal here, and though it's frowned upon, there are never consequences that deter anyone from it. Last night I had had enough of homework cheating, and I took all the instruments of cheating away form the offender and put them in the office. Of course the student was mad and pouting, but that didn't stop me! Then maybe 10 minutes later she asked if she could go get some medicine from the desk teacher because she had a stomachache. Sure. Lucky for me her classroom has a window that faces into the office. She took her sweet time, but then she magically appeared in the office, a no-no as it's a teachers only space. You should have seen me, up on a desk, glaring through the window at her, motioning for her to put the books down and come back to class. The other students in the room were also a bit scared after that.

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