Thursday, June 16, 2011

Don't mess with the bull

For the most part, my job is pretty fun. The kids are a constant source of laughter for me. But then there are days like today. Everything was going just fine, we were laughing and joking. And then something happened in Korean, and suddenly one of my sweet little girls made the pre-cry face, and her little body fell forward and then she started making all the sad sounds. I think the boys told her she had a body like a man, though I will never know. I was standing next to her trying to comfort her and trying to keep all chaos from breaking loose, and then Sally said, "I get the tissue." For some reason that caused a mass exodus, and everyone but crying Mandy ran out of the room to get a drink of water. So I went after them, and enlisted the help of Saromi who told them all in Korean to get back to class. And all of this was caught on CCTV. So the boy, Tony, who made Mandy cry, got hauled off for a stern talking to by the desk teacher, her name is Erica and I really like her and she doles out the discipline. And then when Tony got back from being in trouble, I thought we were ready to get going again. But no, Henry started to fuss with me! And half of the naughtiness happens in Korean, so I really don't know most of what is going on, and by now it was Henry and Jimin, then Henry and Cathy. But the common denominator was Henry. (I adore Henry. He drew the fan death picture.) So I had to escort Henry to the hallway for his 1 minute of time out. All the while Erica is still watching the CCTV. After what feels like hours, the bell rings and they all run along home, but then suddenly Henry, Tony, and Mandy are back in the room, they were caught in the hall by Erica and sent back in for more stern warnings. Poor Mandy, who was not in trouble, she started crying again. I think Erica brought the boys in to apologize to her, but she just got upset again. And then the boys received their yellow cards! They get these yellow slips of paper and they have to take them home and give them to their parents and get a 'sign' and bring them back with them next time, and if they don't bring them back, someone calls their parents. Very scary business!

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