Sunday, April 17, 2011

culture shock

I read about it, I talked to people about it, and yet I still can't exactly understand all the ins and outs of culture shock. It is a weird animal. I prepared myself as well as I was able, and it was still terrible. And I don't even really realize it until today, when I go to buy coffee, and I do it without incident. Then I venture into the toast shop and buy cheese toast, and the woman asks me if I want vegetables and I answer yes, IN KOREAN. (toast is more or less a greasy egg sandwich, grilled on white bread. It can have many things added to it, but basically it's an egg an toast sandwich.) And I get on the bus and go to the zoo, and I buy a ticket from a woman who understands no English, but I manage to get the correct one. And now I am home thinking about all of this and realizing how cool it is. All of this to say that I think the second year is a yes, I just need to decide what to do about all of it!

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