Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Sometimes the kids have terribly spelled names. Jully is pronounced Julie. She is darn cute and darn smart. Today I was wearing eyeliner, which is not an everyday occurrence, and the girls always notice it when I do. Jully stopped me in the hall to talk about it. She complimented me on it and asked me what it was called. Then more little girls gathered around and they asked me the names of all the kinds of makeup I wear, and then they asked about the names of seldom learned parts of the face, like eyelashes and cheeks. They are so much fun.


Lisa said...

What age group of girls do you work with?

Natalie said...

those girls are maybe 3rd or 4th grade. They are small so they look younger than they are, and they also use a different system for age, and sometimes the age they say they are can be up to 2 years younger than the age they would be by our standards. And they are maybe 8 when they go to the first grade. We work with kids from 2nd grade up to the last year of middle school.