Friday, February 4, 2011

today is the day where I just feel like jumping ship and heading back to the States. I want to see my folks and my brother and my grandma. I want to buy some pajamas that won't be so tight. I want to be able to take a hot shower. I want to see all my kid friends. I want to be able to go to a movie without having to make a reservation. I want to sleep on a normal bed. I want to use a real oven. I'm not mad or even all that crabby, I'm just having an I miss home day.

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Lisa F. said...

I was just having a random memory about you the other day. I remember seeing you put on clear mascara in the NICS bathroom after v-ball practice or something. Your the only person I have known to wear clear mascara. That makes you special.

Also, I long to go back to high school so I can play volleyball with cool awesome players again. Am I alone in this? I can still visualize your amazing, mechanical serve...

I hope sometime when you do come home we can hook up and catch up!