Thursday, February 3, 2011

bun in the oven

I am on a vacations of sorts, and in celebration, I made cinnamon rolls last night. It is not a good story. I am still learning how to use this little oven. If I was in the United States, this is when I would go to a bakery or even a diner and just buy one. I'm desperate. It's funny the things I'm learning I never knew I liked so much until I got here and couldn't easily get. I'm also going to try a new recipe because, well, I think it will help. The oven is just so small and there are elements on both the top and the bottom, and it seems that no matter where I place the oven rack, the elements are just so close. So the new recipe bakes for a shorter time which I think will help.

update: after digging the hard, sad rolls out of the pan, I've decided to make bread pudding with them!

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