Wednesday, February 23, 2011

giving up and moving on

I forgot to mention that I am no longer on a quest to eat all things Korean. Sadly, I must admit, Korean food isn't for me. I am still up for trying new things, and trying Korean things, but I was haing a lot of stomach aches, so I've called off the search. That's why all the meal planning, because when I decided to eat most of my food at home again, things got complicated. So I have replaced my old adventure with a new one: trains. Traveling by train is very simple and reliable, and there is a station very close to my house, so it's my new favorite. I've already started a list of places I might like to visit, including the beach, which will hopefully happen soon. South Korea is so small that many trips can be made in a long day, and since I prefer to spend one full day at home each weekend, this is very exciting!

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