Saturday, January 1, 2011

race relations

Moving to a foreign land is interesting, to say the least. Coming from North Idaho, the land of the Aryn Nation, I thought I understood racism. I was watching the news here, there is a station that plays Korean news in English, and I saw a very interesting story. There is deep shame associated with S. Korean children being adopted to families outside of Korea and since those people are many times citizens of English speaking countries, they are eligible to teach English in Korea. A law was just passed stating that even if someone looks Korean, they must be treated as a foreign teacher, ( if they are indeed not a Korean national ) and receive the wages paid to other foreign teachers that are not Korean. In other words, educational institutions were hiring these people, and paying them $6,258-$8,000 less a year because they were of Korean ancestry and looked Korean. This was also possibly happening to people who were raised by Korean parents in English speaking countries.

There is another weird race story I'll share soon, though it's more about speculation than fact.

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