Monday, January 24, 2011

the bucket

I know I have mentioned the compost bucket. In SK we put our compostables in a red bucket and leave it next to the trash and it gets picked up several times a week and is turned into compost or animal feed. The liquid should be drained from the bucket, and my bucket has an insert for drainage. Last week I took out the bucket and it sat outside for several hours before the compost man came and it all froze. The insert was stuck to the bucket, and all the compost was frozen to the insert. It was gross getting the frozen stuff unstuck! It was gross getting the insert unstuck! And since it was all frozen the compost man didn't take it away, so I had to wait 2 more days to get rid of it!

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Brian Martin said...

I got curious as to how our worms were doing so I couldn't resist a little digging around in the box. No freezing compost in our bin! All hot and steamy on the inside!

And by the way you are most welcome to come and see our worms anytime.