Monday, September 6, 2010

shake it

I'm going to make some butter tonight. You see, butter is very expensive here, but life just isn't the same without it. So, I am going to swing by the store and pick up some cream and a jar and give it a try. I haven't made butter since last summer when I left some chocolate whipped cream in the kitchenade and walked away and had chocolate butter, which is super good, might I add.


Brian Martin said...

Is cream less expensive?

Natalie said...

well, if you go to costco you can get 4 pounds of butter for $20.00. I can get a pint of cream for about $2.40. How much cream can you get from a pint? About 1/4th pound is what the internet says. So, no, but I also haven't been able to decipher the real from the fake yet at the grocery store, and I wanted it that moment. Also the cream is on clearance on Mondays, so if I found it then, maybe?