Saturday, June 12, 2010

yesterday I made my first visit to the Chinese bakery in Boise. It's been there for 5 months, and I have driven past it, just never been in. It's funny how I was expecting some Chinese cultural experience and it was sort of like the bakery I went to in Japan, where everything was pretty, but didn't feel Japanese. There were a lot of pork buns, which is traditional, but the rest looked French. I was very happy with the things I brought home. Maybe French is the new Chinese.

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Catie said...

Sounds just like a chinese bakery. I want some of those pork buns!! They are my FAVORITE.

I actually really, really like Chinese baked things. Korea (and Japan, I bet) have the same sorts of cakes and breads and they are fakey but so fluffy!

I can't resist things that are fluffy, white and iced with cool whip.

I want the Chinese bakery!