Monday, May 17, 2010

hot cop

okay, this is silly: when we were in Idaho Falls yesterday, we went to get gas and a drink before we drove back to Pocatello. We went into the service station, and when we came out there was a police officer pulling over a car. He searched the whole car, and we were eating our lunch watching it happen, but we were trying to be somewhat discrete, not getting out of our car and STARING. The police officer was so handsome. That was the main appeal for us, not really the searching or the handcuffing. So as this was all happening, we noticed there was a third party, an elderly woman in a tennis hat was riding shotgun in the police car. It was funny, and we thought that maybe she was part of the whole thing, but she never got out of the car, and the officer never went to talk to her, she just sat in there. We then began to wonder if she wasn't the officer's grandmother just along for the ride. The man was let go and everyone drove off, and we came back to Pocatello, and it's still funny to me.

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