Saturday, January 9, 2010

the MAKE-ing

last night I did a little evaluation of what is going to happen in yarn in the next little bit, and I got to work finishing up a spinning project that I started a few months ago. small E brought me a little bump back from a festival and it was almost finished, I sat down and got that finished in about an hour. It's very pretty and mostly green, it has all sorts of fiber in it, most notably bison. It's super skinny lace weight. I'm going to weigh it today or tomorrow and find out the length and then decide if it's going to be the next shawl project. It's funny because at the end of the semester I was MAKE-ing like crazy, school projects, knitting, all that stuff, and now that I don't have school to distract me, I am even more focused. I really need to get a notebook so I can keep track of my brain.

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