Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I love my dad

he is making me crazy. I have been hanging out with my folks for 2 weeks, and we have all done a good job of behaving. Until today. My dad kicked my car. The battery was dead, and it was making him mad. So then I got ready and left because he was too wacky to be around, and I needed a break. I was downtown on my way to the fabric store when my dad called, and my folks only have 1 car at the moment, and he wanted a ride, so I turned the car around and picked him up and took him to pick up some documents for a lease he's working on. We went home and I sat around and knitted and talked to my mom. Then I decided that I really did want to go to the fabric store, so I got back into the car and went downtown again, and who calls? Big bad dad. He wanted me to go back to the house and get my mom and meet up with him for dinner. So I went to the fabric store, and then I picked my mom up. Do you ever have one of those days when all you want is to be alone, and no one will let you? We had a very nice time at dinner, we laughed and goofed around, so hopefully tomorrow I can get my alone time in.

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